7Cs of Consulting

7cs book coverThe 7Cs programme has been running now for over ten years and has proved to be highly successful at introducing core consultancy skills and ideas.

The programme can be customised to client needs – but the standard model tends to be four separate days:

  • Day 1 – The 7Cs consultancy framework
  • Day 2 – Managing change
  • Day 3 – Managing people
  • Day 4 – Presentation on applied learning

The four days are spread across 2 – 3 months. This is to allow time for each delegate to apply learning back in the workplace. They are then expected to share their experiences at the start of the next stage. At the end of the programme they will have presented twice to their peers and ideally for the final day senior managers are invited to hear the outcomes.

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Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme delegates will:

  • Understand how any change proposal can be tested using a structured consultative framework.
  • Be able to work with clients to determine the shadow factors that cause change to fail 
  • Understand how to deal with resistance to change
  • Be able to define soft metrics to measure outcomes
  • Identify the factors that cause change to be non-sustainable
  • Understand the need for a robust closure process

Delegate Specification

Delegates would be expected to have a reasonable understanding of the process of organisational change and ideally have been involved in a recent programme. There is no expectation that they are experienced change practitioners, project managers or will be involved in consultative change as a full time project.


No pre-work is necessary.