Working with personal leadership

Make great leadership choices


People may have a passive style of working where they wait for direction and are fearful of making choices without authority from someone more senior. This creates a culture that is full of blame, decision avoidance and a focus on procedures and polices to support decision making. 


Leadership is about making choices. And people who make great choices will be tend to be viewed as effective leaders. By understanding the factors that impact how choices are made people are better able to make decisions for themselves and help other people make efficient choices.  The end result is that outcomes are owned and delivered.


  1. To help delegates understand how critical the idea of choice is
  2. To help delegates understand how choice and leadership are intertwined 
  3. To allow delegates to practice making better choices for themselves and others


At the end of the event the delegate will:

  1. Undertaken a critical review of choices that have impacted their life position and choices that have affected group delegates to consider the impact.
  2. Understand the theoretical factors that form how choices are made .
  3. Be able to apply a series of choice tools to prepare for their next leadership challenge – for their goals and the organisational goals.

For practical and sustainable outcomes to be achieved, and to ensure a return on investment, the delegate should be in a position to practice and apply learning once back at the work place.

Delegate Specification

No prior experience necessary.


No pre-work is necessary.

Course Theory

  • Circle of Control model
  • Choice model
  • MPH