Working with relationships

Create effective conversations


Relationships appear superficial and lack real depth or openness to talk about what is really going on in the organisation. The result is that business outcomes get fudged and faked and then resurface after the can has been kicked down the road.   


People naturally want talk about what is really happening and resolve problems – but often erect false barriers that prevent open conversations. Only by helping them understand why these barriers are erected and how to tear them down can effective relationships be formed. Putting a brand new tyre on car with major tracking problems doesn’t deliver a real outcome. It just causes more cost in the long run.


  1. To help delegates understand why people create relational blocks.
  2. To help delegates understand the language people use when forming barriers.
  3. To allow delegates to practice the models necessary to form open relationships.


At the end of the event the delegate will:

  1. Understand three key models that will help foster open relationships.
  2. Understand the importance and power of inquiry within any relationship
  3. Be able to apply a series of tools that will help create more productive and open relationships.

For practical and sustainable outcomes to be achieved, and to ensure a return on investment, the delegate should be in a position to practice and apply learning once back at the work place.

Delegate Specification

No prior experience necessary.


No pre-work is necessary.

Course Theory

  • Shared Success
  • Social Styles
  • Shadow Map