Working with personal networks

Make your connections count.    


Ask any builder, musician or mobile hairdresser and they will tell you how critical networking is for managing their business. Knowing more people gives you greater access, opens up links to share knowledge and makes it create new connections.

We know that social media systems can help the creation of a powerful network (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) but these in isolation are not enough. Powerful networks are founded on social capital. But you can’t build sufficient capital with people by merely “friending” them on Facebook or accepting an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

Effective networks will in most cases need to be based on robust social connections. To make full and effective use of the social tools it is essential to understand some of the rules of networking. These are not rules that have been made up by gurus. They are the human factors that dictate who we choose to push the accept or reject button on our smartphones when a call comes in.


Understand the tools and techniques to apply the deeper rules of networking. Learn how to create networks across diverse areas and how to maintain these networks to ensure long term benefit is delivered. 


  1. To help delegates understand what networking is, and more importantly what it isn’t.
  2. To help delegates understand the critical constructs that are important in building a robust and responsible professional network.
  3. To allow delegates to practice the models necessary to forming a professional network in a safe environment before applying their skills in the workplace.


At the end of the event the delegate will:

  1. Understand how critical professional networking will be in growing their personal and professional levels of success.
  2. Understand the importance of networking as a technique to overcome the limitations of a formal organisational structure.
  3. Be able to construct a network development plan that can be applied at the workplace.

For practical and sustainable outcomes to be achieved, and to ensure a return on investment, the delegate should be in a position to practice and apply learning once back at the work place.

Delegate Specification

Open entry – but aimed for people who have not really explored the idea of networking before and would like the chance to consider it in more depth. Not aimed at people who are have a good grounding and understand the core principles of networking. 


No pre-work is necessary.

Course Theory

  • Slingshot theory
  • Social Investment Fund
  • Network Mapping
  • Personal Brand
  • TRUST Fund