Working with sustainable change

Stop repeating yesterdays problems – start making change stick


The organisation has lots of change initiatives but derives only limited return from the investments because of recurring implementation problems. Each new project brings a sense of deja-vue as yet again the same implementation techniques are applied with only limited success. 


Trying to manage change without understanding the hidden rules of the game is like trying to referee a game of football without understanding the offside rule. By understanding the hidden rules of change and the human factors that drive how change is managed the Groundhog Day experience can be avoided. Change is rarely a simple process – it will normally be a complex and unpredictable process that is driven my a series of hidden systemic forces.


  1. To enable the delegates undertake a reflective critique of existing and historic change processes.
  2. To introduce the Change Ladder as a systemic process to understand how sustainable change is delivered
  3. To allow delegates to develop a set of practices that will help them understand how sustainable change can be delivered.


At the end of the event the delegate will:

  1. Understand how any change proposal can be analysed and critiqued using a systemic diagnostic.
  2. Understand how to work with a client to develop a change programme that seeks to deliver sustainable value.
  3. Be able to lead a team of people to undertake a systemic analysis of a change proposal and consider it long term viability before funding is approved.

For practical and sustainable outcomes to be achieved, and to ensure a return on investment, the delegate should be in a position to practice and apply learning once back at the work place.

Delegate Specification

Delegates would be expected to have a reasonable understanding of the process of organisational change and ideally have been involved in a recent programme. There is no expectation that they are experienced change practitioners, project managers or will be involved in consultative change as a full time project.


No pre-work is necessary.

Course Theory

  • Change Ladder Framework
  • D & E Confirmation
  • D & E Engagement