Working with client outcomes

Use the 7Cs for robust client relationships


Your organisation seems to be full of change initiatives – but little tangible benefit is apparent. Ownership of the outcomes is often vague and it is hard to tie down who is responsible for a change and what benefits will be delivered on completion. You would like more ownership of outcomes and tighter assessment of what initiatives will deliver value and what ones are simply pet projects that will end up at the back of the drawer.


Seek to create a sense of outcome thinking across the whole organisation. Give people the capacity to rapidly identify who their client is for any piece of work and work with the person to validate the desired outcome. This may be the smallest of projects or large-scale interventions. Irrespective of scale or scope all change begins with an thought and it is crucial that this initial condition is tested from the outset to assure the change will deliver sustainable value.


  1. To enable the delegates to consider the process of client contracting from a consultative perspective.
  2. To introduce the 7Cs of Consultancy process as a structured process to enable managed outcomes.
  3. To allow delegates to develop a set of client questions that can be applied at the work place.


At the end of the event the delegate will:

  1. Understand how any change or outcome proposal can be analysed and tested using a structured consultative framework within a limited time frame.
  2. Understand how to work with a client to develop a more robust initial change/outcome proposal.
  3. Have developed a set of structured questions that can be applied in the work place when helping clients plan for organisational outcomes.

For practical and sustainable outcomes to be achieved and to ensure a return on investment the delegate should be in a position to practice and apply learning once back at the work place.

Delegate Specification

Delegates would be expected to have a reasonable understanding of the process of organisational change and ideally have been involved in a recent programme. There is no expectation that they are experienced change practitioners, project managers or will be involved in consultative change as a full time project.


No major pre-work is necessary. The only requirement is that the delegate reads pages x-y of the 7Cs of Consulting book before attending the event. This is a core pre-requisite and failure to compete this pre-work would prevent inclusion on the programme.

Course Theory

  • 7Cs of consulting framework
  • 3 legged stool
  • Rapid Mapping